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XGNB-N-B Hydrostatic/Burst Tester

XGNB-N-B Hydrostatic/Burst Tester is used to determine the long-term hydrostatic strength and instant blasting of PVC、PE、PPR、ABS and other plastic pipes. 
It is controlled by the Industrial Pad. The Electrical Control Box and Mechanical Box are separately.

ISO 1167, ASTM D1598, ISO9080, CJ/T108-1999, ASTM F1335.

1) Max. Pressure: 3-100MPa
2) Pressure scope: 0-10MPa
3) Working Time: 1s~9999h59min59s
4) Pressure Accuracy: -1%~+2%
5) Resolution: 0.001Mpa
6) Pressure Accuracy: Better than ±1%
7) All the parameters including pressure, time and accuracy can be adjusted by both pressure micro-control unit and pc.
8) The machine and the pc can display the time and eight testing states (pressure up, pressure down, over pressure, pressure compensate, running, ending, leakage and exploding) separately or simultaneously (Max.9999hours 59 minutes 59 seconds). There is a light & voice alarm when the pressure overload, ending, leakage and exploding happens.
9) It can be continued to save the test data for at most 8760 hours.