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WDS-5KN Universal Testing Machine

The WDS-W Series with CE Certification controlled by PC, provide professional software in order to make the test curve and other parameters be shown visually. They are the experts on testing the tension in film, monofilament, water proofer, textiles, paper, rubber and so on. They also can provide the compression and flexure tests for some certain materials.

ISO7500-1、ISO6259、ASTM D638、ASTMD695、ASTMD790、ISO527、ISO178、ISO37、ISO13954

1) Tensile Scope: 1000mm
2) Max. Force: 5kN
3) Capacity: 0.4%FS-100%FS
4) Accuracy: ±0.5%
5) Error: ±0.5%
6) Vertical Test Resolution: 0.001mm
7) Vertical Test Speed: 0.01mm/min-500 mm/min
8) Resolution: 1/500000 of the Max Force
9) Accuracy Grade: 0.5
10) Size: L560mm×W440mm×H1650mm
11) Power Supply: AC220±10V 50HZ