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WDT-W-50D series with CE Certification controlled by PC, provide professional software in order to make the test curve and other parameters be shown visually. The most common uses of WDT-W-50D series are for tensile, compression and flexure testing, however, they also perform tear, shear, creep, ring stiffness, flexibility and creep ratio tests.

ISO7500-1、GB/T17200、ISO5893、ASTM D638、695、790

Span: 490mm
Compressive Space: 1200mm
Max. Force: Tensile 150kN
Capacity: 0.1-50kN
Accuracy: ±0.5%
Error: ±0.5%
Resolution: 1/500000 of the Max Force
Vertical Test Error: ±0.5%
Vertical Test Resolution: 0.001mm
Vertical Test Speed: 0.01mm/min-500 mm/min
Size: L960mm×D600mm×H2000mm
Power Supply: AC220±10V  50HZ
Working Condition: 20±5℃, RH≦80%